33 String Drive

33 String Drive is a six-piece Bluegrass/Americana band from Southern Oregon that includes fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, Dobro and upright bass. Members include some of the most seasoned players in the area including Bob Evoniuk on Dobro and Jeffery Jones on mandolin, both founding members of Foxfire, Siskiyou Summit of course, 33 SD. On banjo is Rick Nelson also a founding member of Siskiyou Summit and of the Rogue Valley Bluegrass Boys. On fiddle is the amazing, Jessie Watson who will delight you with her Bluegrass style on fiddle and harmony singing. On the upright bass is Holly Hurley who has a voice that will give you chills and finally, on guitar is Kevin Andras, who's a well-known fixture in the Northern California music scene. Kevin's guitar playing and singing adds the Drive in the 33 Strings arrangements. 33 String Drive’s vocal harmony singing is second to none! This is no “jam band!” This is a professional group that focuses on tight vocal harmonies, intricate instrumental arrangements and most of all, entertainment!