The Music Bachs

The Music Bachs (Gene and Cynthia Bach) have been around bluegrass and old time music for many years. They got their start in the Southern California desert community of Hesperia in the middle 1990s, and have carried on their love of the genre ever since. In 2003 Gene decided to start promoting one night bluegrass shows, and eventually that branched out into promoting bluegrass music festivals. Over the years he has promoted 20 festivals in 3 different states, and now the Twin Bridges Bluegrass Festival will make it 21. Not only has Cynthia performed in bluegrass bands, she has also performed in many community events as well as college orchestras. Most recently the Music Bachs have been involved with the living History program in Nevada City, Montana, and you can find them there on summer weekends, in front of the saloon, playing a variety of 1860s tunes. Gene plays mandolin, claw hammer banjo and guitar while Cynthia plays the upright bass. As hosts of the festival you will undoubtedly see them running around the event each and every day. Watch close as they will be joined onstage by various friends.