The Rosa Lees


Jessie studied and performed classical violin and Scottish fiddle music throughout her childhood and teenage years. After a break from the music world, she returned to dive headlong into bluegrass and old-time styles and is continually stretching her technical prowess in new ways.


Holly grew up going to bluegrass festivals with her parents and luckily, at some point, decided to switch her musical focus from saxophone to guitar and bass. She sings like a honky-tonk angel and can still rip a pretty mean sax solo if you ask her to.

RACHEL BUKLAD// banjo and fiddle

Rachel is a talented and natural multi-instrumentalist that can sometimes be seen switching instruments mid-song. You can catch her in the summers jamming at bluegrass and old-time festivals and teaching camps of young fiddlers.


Bekkah started playing guitar and learning songs in her early 20's and was introduced to bluegrass and old-time music at little hole-in-the-wall jams in Southeast Alaska. There was no turning back after that. Her musical influences cast a wide net and help inform her songwriting.